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Bet on NCAAFOne of the top bets people look for before the college football season starts involves a look at how many wins individual teams will get each year. These over/under totals are popular and interesting bets to go after.

Who Has the Biggest Totals?

Many of the usual suspects have the highest win-loss totals in their lines. Alabama has a 9.5 over/under for their wins with a -150 line to go over that number and +120 to go under.

Baylor and Boise State both have 10 wins going for them this year. Baylor has -130 odds to go over that total but Boise State is at +120 to actually get there.

TCU, another favorite to go after the national title, has a 10 win total going this season. The Horned Frogs have -150 odds to go over that total and +120 to be under.

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Big Expectations For the Buckeyes

It is no surprise that Ohio State is expected to be a huge competitor for the national title. The Buckeyes have an 11.5 over/under this year with -115 odds to go over with twelve or more wins. The Buckeyes also have -115 odds to have eleven or fewer wins.

Who’s Got Low Numbers?

Eastern Michigan only had two wins last year. The Eagles have a 1.5 over/under with -200 odds to get two or more wins. Kansas also has a 1.5 over/under line with the team having -165 odds to go over.

Charlotte has a low over/under with just 2.5 wins to its name. The 49ers are in their first year in Conference USA and have +125 odds to actually get three or more wins this year.

These totals are all determined based on their expectations for each team and their histories. For Ohio State’s case, it’s about the team’s potential to repeat as national champions. Meanwhile, Charlotte is just expected to struggle as the 49ers make it into the FBS field. These odds will all be available before the upcoming college football season starts and will make for good debates on how well certain teams will do.


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