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Bet on NCAAF College Football has wrapped for the season, so let’s take a look back at the schools that triumphed, and the schools that fell just short of the championship bowl title. Here are your college football highlights from the Rose Bowl, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, the Discover Orange Bowl, The Sugar Bowl, and BCS National Championship.

Kicking it off with the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, for all you fans of NCAA football betting. The Big 12 Conference Champion, Oklahoma, took on the Big East Conference Champion, Connecticut on January 1st, 2011. This was a first time visit to a BCS Bowl for UCONN, earned after they defeated South Florida at 19-16 on December 4th. UCONN then shared the Big East Conference champs with Pittsburgh and West Virginia, but the two teams didn’t stand a chance when UCONN swept 5 consecutive wins at the end of the season. As for Oklahoma, they won their fourth BIG 12 conference title in 5 years. When the Sooners beat Nebraska at 23-20 they earned a role in the 40th annual Fiesta Bowl. Congrats to the Oklahoma Sooners for taking the UConn Huskies 34-20.

Now for the Discover Orange Bowl. The BCS fourth ranked Stanford, with an 11-1 record took on ACC champs Virginia Tech (11-2). Stanford scored TD number one in the first quarter thanks to Jeremy Stewart who took the ball on his first carry all the way home, ending in a 60 yard touchdown. In the end Stanford was able to keep up the momentum, taking the win 40-12.

The Ohio State Buckeyes took the title at the 77th Sugar Bowl went down on Tuesday, January 4th at the Louisianna Superdome.

Ohio State (12-1) took on Arkansas (10-3). Going into the second half, Arkansas was down by 18, but thanks to an 11-play drive that led to Zach Hocker scoring a field goal, they were able to bring the score up to 13-28, unfortunately Ohio State jumped riht back with a field goal of their own. Ultimately that’s the way the whole Bowl played out, wth the Razorbacks playing catch-up and the Buckeyes keeping the lead. The final score was 31-26, and made many who bet on NCAA football very happy.



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