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Bet on NCAABSportsbooks are expected to take bets on the ACC-Big Ten Challenge in 2015. This is one of the top college basketball events of the season as two popular conferences will be facing each other in a series of games to determine who the better conference is.

The earliest college basketball betting odds at this point have been rather close. In fact, the two conferences have -110 odds at this point as to who will win. There is a potential for these teams to tie as well but the odds of that happening are +600.

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What Makes the Big Ten Favored?

The Big Ten has held a great deal of momentum in the series in recent time. The side has four wins since 2009 with there being two draws midway through. This came after the ACC won the first ten instances of the event.

The conference also has a few strong teams heading into 2015 with Maryland, Indiana and Michigan State being big teams to watch for.

The Big Ten has plenty of schools that have done quite well against the ACC in recent time as well. Purdue has won six of their last games with ACC teams and will be looking to keep it running as they travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Panthers.

What About the ACC?

The ACC is a good favorite to watch for as well in that the conference has Duke, the reigning national champion, plus plenty of favorites like North Carolina and Virginia.

In addition, the ACC has the advantage of hosting a number of games. Duke will be hosting Indiana at Cameron Indoor Stadium while North Carolina and Syracuse will be respectively hosting Maryland and Wisconsin. These teams have home courts that are known to be challenging for many people to play in.

The ACC-Big Ten Challenge will be great to watch as people will be looking to see how well the two conferences go against each other. The Big Ten has a long streak of success going but the ACC will be trying to get back on top again.


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