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Bet on NCAABWhen a student/athlete comes out of high school and has the opportunity to take their skills to the next level, it is important that he/she chooses their university carefully. Just ask Brandon Davies of BYU!

BYU is having a phenomenal season. This season has been, without a doubt, the best season the Cougars have had in decades. However, when things are going good, beware because there may be a test ahead, and in some cases it may be a test of Biblical proportions. Thank God the Cougars are well versed because their dilemma has reached this level.

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In the opinion of many, the loss of Davies could cause the Cougars to drop out of the running for a number one seed, but even if they do wrap-up their season on a strong note and finish well enough for that coveted seed, many believe they will still be dumped much earlier in the absence of Davies.

Wednesday, it was confirmed by team officials that Davies would be dismissed from the team, but the situation did not involve any criminal activity. Davies was found in violation of the student honor code, which requires all students to live a chaste and honest lifestyle. This lifestyle includes the absence of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and any other addictive substances, a standard which in this day and age would seem like one that would be impossible for a young adult between the ages of 18-22.

However, when one registers for classes, one knows that this is the standard and violation could cause a stiff penalty with the possibility of dismissal from the university, which is something that Davies may face. Even though the Cougars could now face some more difficult times, I believe that it will only make them a better team, and the critics who think they have lost too much will be forced to eat their words a month from now. Sticking by what you believe in still has to have some relevance in our society, even in college sports, doesn't it? I guess we will see.


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