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Bet on NCAABThe NCAA COLLEGE BASKETBALL Season is well underway and it appears the preseason favorites are dropping as the beginning of full conference games begin and we take a look at the Bracketology.  At this moment, as we write, according to those that Bet on College basketball and the statistic mongers, there are still six teams that are undefeated.  Still considering all, Michigan State still remains at the top of the heap and that has not changed in the last couple of weeks.  The Six undefeated teams are Ohio State (15-0), Wisconsin (15-0), Arizona (15-0), Wichita State (15-0), Syracuse (14-0) and Iowa State (13-0).

The Kentucky team of Louisville Cardinals still is having trouble as they recently lost to the Kentucky Wildcats and are seeking a win with a ranked team and they are struggling sine Behanan who was dismissed from the team and Ware who was red shirted.  Thus the Cardinals have little hope of repeating the national championship as three of their five players who were on that winning team are no longer in the school.

Another team that has been struggling is the Kansas Jayhawks (9-4) who this past weekend completed their 4th loss to San Diego State Aztecs (12-1) 61-57. The Aztecs are silently continuing their winning season beating the Jayhawks.  Since beating Kansas the Aztecs are now ranked 13th.  On the other side the Jayhawks have played a tough schedule and as of this date they do not appear strong enough to go for a number 1 seed.

That holds true also for the Kentucky Wildcats as they had their first significant quality win of this season when they beat the Cardinals of Louisville. Their team has done well at home so they now call them the home team heroes as they have only won one road game.

Another team that seems to be struggling is the North Carolina Tar heels who have had wins over #12 Michigan State, #17 Kentucky and #32 Louisville while losing to # 63 Texas, #65 Wake Forest, #82 Belmont and #82 UAB. Somewhat of a strange record for the first fourteen games of the season.

Then according to the Sportbook BetRoyal and their information office there's a 1st Team All-American from Creighton’s 6’8” forward Doug McDermott who is averaging 24.7 points per game and 7.5 rebounds per game for the first 14 game and has his team off to a 2.0 start in their league the Big East.  He’s a great in close and a great shooter away from the center. He may just be one of the best recruits this season for the NBA.


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