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March Madness should be treated as a long term affair rather than a binge.  Too many gamblers blow their bankrolls early in NCAA March Madness.  Keep in mind that March Madness is not just limited to the “Big Dance” of the NCAA tournament.

NCAA March Madness is also comprised of the post season conference tournaments and the National Invitational Tournament, known as the “NIT”.  In the “Big Dance” of March Madness there are 64 total games.  That is a lot of action and there are plenty of good values available for the prudent March Madness handicapper.

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One of the big key mistakes that the general public makes in March Madness action is that they go on an “action rush” and try to bet nearly every game on the board, especially in the first round when all 64 teams take to the court in a two-day period.  While that is a lot of March Madness action that is also a road to ruin.

Few gamblers ever have success by betting on every NCAA March Madness game.  The most successful March Madness handicappers will isolate the best values on the board and focus on a limited amount of games with the best chances of success.

Another key to March Madness profits is to avoid making overlays on the most popular and powerful teams such as UCLA, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

Sure, these programs are successful and are consistent March Madness contenders but they are also “name brand” and “public” teams that bring in far too many ignorant dollars from casual fans who know little about college basketball but want to bet on March Madness because it has become such a huge cultural event.

The gambler that is able to set himself apart by thinking like a line maker will ultimately thrive in the post season of college basketball.  Compare what you think the line should be to what it is listed as and you can quickly ascertain true board value and success for yourself!

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