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Bet on NCAABAccording to Synergy Sports Technologies, a company that analyzes teams for various sources, the most efficient offensive unit remaining in the NCAA Tournament are the Kentucky Wildcats. Any fan who has been following the tournament can tell you that the Wildcat offense is led by two extraordinary players, Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones. Jones and Knight are two of the best in college basketball and both will undoubtedly make it to the next level. Jones and Knight take the most shots on the Kentucky team and they are the two highest scorers in terms of points per game.

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However, these two are far from the only two options that coach Calipari has on the offensive end; In fact, the opposite is true. It could be said that the three other major contributors are even more valuable than Knight and Jones. Doron Lamb, Darius Miller, and Josh Harrellson play major roles in this teams top offensive efficiency rating. While they may not be as productive in terms of points per game as the other two, these three are much more efficient scorers, and they can be counted on to hit big shots when the other two are being keyed on or double teamed.

This fact makes the Wildcats so difficult to defend because Jones and Knight are much to good to be handled one-on-one by most defenders in college basketball, thus making a highly effective match-up zone one of the only ways to effectively handle them. Connecticut is a man-to-man team, and that is why this battle is going to be so interesting. It will be interesting to see the adjustments Calhoun makes to take away the things that hew thinks are imperative.

For the Cats, the answer now is not something different but more of the same. This is definitely not the time to be changing things up offensively, or trying to give one player more of a role than another. The Cats are best when they react to the game at hand and employ a team concept. When they do this, they are impossible to stop.


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