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Bet on NCAABAlthough college basketball betting is the most popular form of sports betting every year after the Super Bowl has been played, interest in the sport has been fading as of late. This is due mainly to the fact that the NBA keeps taking the best college players as soon as they are eligible for the draft, and the increasing number of teams that play in the March Madness tournament.

Both of these factors are beginning to combine to create both an NBA filled with young players who can not handle the challenges of professional-level basketball, as well as college basketball teams that perform at a sub-par level due to losing their best talent every year. And as more teams come into the NCAA tournament, the competition is becoming more average over time.

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The main problem may be that the NBA and colleges are competing for the same talent. But where college players can be stars in the NCAA, they may just take a quick contract with an NBA team before they are ready, sitting on the end of the bench for a few years. If they stayed in college, they would have more opportunities to play and become better players.

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But the NBA also knows what it is doing in grabbing talent before it is fully developed at the college level. NBA teams can lock in above average players with talent at lower contract rates, then develop them over their first few years in the league. If those players had stayed in school for those few years, they may have gone to the NBA with better skills and commanding a higher price.

It seems that they days of well-known college basketball players going to the NBA in their junior or senior years are a thing of the past. Now, the sport at both levels is suffering from the mediocrity. And that is not fun for either fans, coaches, or players to watch.

The draining of talent from the NCAA over the past years is leading to circumstances where teams have one talented high-scoring player but no one else to help, but still wins games. Or a team that can turn the ball over 20 times in a game and still beat the other school. In college level basketball, we expect more sometimes.


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