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Bet on the NBAThe much awaited power packed game is just hours away. NBA western conference finals is going to witness the most awaited finals in a mind blowing style. Fans expect a sporting extravaganza in the final between 'Ageing, but fearless boost tycoons, Spurs vs Upcoming terror, OKC Thunder.'

Spurs are always the black horses for past couple of seasons. They will start slowly, but finishes in a magical way. On the other hand, OKC thunder has the rights to boast about their talented players, but no body has shown their midas touch till now.

Spurs is becoming one of the favorites as they have 103 points as their average per game. The spine of Spurs is none other than Tony Parker who scored an average of 19 points per game. Spurs reached the finals after beating Utah Jazz and LA Clippers with out much sweating. They also posted a record of 50-16.

On the other hand OKC thunder posted the second best with 47-19. They have the same average like Spurs, 103 points per game. The team is filled with talents like, Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins and James Harden. Their leading score maker Kevin Durant has an average of 26 points per game which is actually amazing. OKC thunder made their way to finals by beating Dallas Mavericks and LA Lakers.

Fans are already in huge cheer and all are busy supporting their favorite teams. Every body is sure that this will be a match of the year with all sorts of power packed stunts and thrills. Hard core fans of Spurs thinks that they will win the match, but they are not yet ready to pull out Thunder from the league. All the fans knows that OKC thunder is the silent assassin of the season. ''So Folks, Why to wait, Go and bet for your club and enjoy unlimited thrill which will be young in your mind for ever and ever.''

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