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Bet on the NBAThe NBA regular season has officially ended, so wagering on NBA 2016 draft may commence. The odds for the 14 lottery teams – ergo, those that did not make the playoffs – are in place. The Philadelphia 76ers (10-72) have the best odds to snatch the number 1 overall pick, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Boston Celtics by way of the Brooklyn Nets.


Order/Team/Odds No. 1/Odds top 3


  1. Philadelphia 76ers/25%/64.3%
  2. Los Angeles Lakers/19.9%/55.8%
  3. Boston Celtics/15.6%/46.9%
  4. Phoenix Suns/11.9%/37.8%
  5. Minnesota Timberwolves/8.8%/29.1%
  6. New Orleans Pelicans/6.3%/21.5%
  7. Denver Nuggets (via NYK)/4.3%/15%
  8. Toronto Raptors (via DEN)/1.9%/6.8%
  9. Sacramento Kings/1.9%/6.8%
  10. Milwaukee Bucks/1.8%/6.5%
  11. Orlando Magic/.8%/2.9%
  12. Utah Jazz/.7%/2.5%
  13. Phoenix Suns (via WAS)/.6%/2.2%
  14. Chicago Bulls/.5%/1.8%

While the NBA bets on the playoffs, Toronto, Sacramento, and Milwaukee will share a total of 56 – out of 1000 – lottery ball combinations between the three, affording each team 18 with tiebreakers determining which two get the extra two combinations. The order in which their second round selections are made will be determined by the inverse of their lottery finish. The order for teams wagering on NBA draft picks 15-60 is as follows (subject to change):

  1. Denver Nuggets (via HOU)
  2. Boston Celtics (via DAL)
  3. Memphis Grizzlies
  4. Denver Nuggets (via POR)
  5. Detroit Pistons
  6. Indiana Pacers
  7. Philadelphia 76ers (via MIA)
  8. Boston Celtics
  9. Atlanta Hawks
  10. Charlotte Hornets
  11. Los Angeles Clippers
  12. Philadelphia 76ers (via OKC)
  13. Toronto Raptors
  14. Phoenix Suns (via CLE)
  15. San Antonio Spurs
  16. Golden State Warriors
  17. Boston Celtics (via PHI)
  18. Los Angeles Lakers
  19. Los Angeles Clippers (via BKN)
  20. Phoenix Suns
  21. Boston Celtics (via MIN)
  22. Milwaukee Bucks (via NOP)
  23. Houston Rockets (via. NYK)
  24. New Orleans Pelicans (via DEN)
  25. Milwaukee Bucks
  26. New Orleans Pelicans (via SAC)
  27. Orlando Magic
  28. Utah Jazz
  29. Houston Rockets
  30. Atlanta Hawks (via WAS)
  31. Boston Celtics (via MEM)
  32. Dallas Mavericks
  33. Orlando Magic (via CHI)
  34. Detroit Pistons
  35. Chicago Bulls (via POR)
  36. Indiana Pacers
  37. Atlanta Hawks
  38. Boston Celtics (via MIA)
  39. Utah Jazz (via BOS)
  40. Denver Nuggets (via CHA)
  41. Brooklyn Nets (via LAC)
  42. Denver Nuggets (via OKC)
  43. Memphis Grizzlies (via TOR)
  44. Boston Celtics (via CLE)
  45. Sacramento Kings (via SAS)
  46. Utah Jazz (via GSW)

Dallas and Memphis finished with a 42-40 record each, which means a tiebreaker will determine who gets picks 16 and 17. The same method will be used to determine picks 45, 46, and 47 with Chicago, who also finished 42-40 but is also in the first round lottery. Portland and Detroit both finished with a 44-38 record, which means a tiebreaker will determine who gets picks 18 and 19. The inverse will determine picks 48 and 49. Miami, Boston, Atlanta and Charlotte finished with a 48-34 record, which means a tiebreaker will determine who gets picks 21 through 24. The inverse will determine picks 51-54. Wagering on NBA is exciting even when it comes to the draft.


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