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Bet on the NBAThe Mavericks have had their work cut out for them for years, but they seemed to have never achieved much success over and over again.

Most of their wins were either flukes or luck. Throughout their last five games, they've only won once against Utah, but the other four were all failures, losing with an average of 5 to 10 points in almost every game that they had. It's definitely difficult for most of them because of the fact they aren't consistently making enough points. Dirk may have been their star player, but they just haven't been playing all too well.

The Oklahoma City Thunder has Kevin Durant on the team. With his average being 28 points and even more on good days, it's pretty obvious they know what they're doing. If you look at their last five games, they lost only one, but they won four of them straight. They won more than 8 points on average of most of their wins.

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When you look at their basketball betting odds, the Oklahoma City Thunder has -6 ½ while the Mavericks have around +6 ½. Those who want to make money off of this game need to bet on the Thunders if they want to make some big money. These odds have been certified and more than dependable in the game, and the total is 195 ½, but both teams' offensive prowess could easily push the game into the 200s.

The Mavericks have achieved so much in this season, and they have truly achieved more than what most people have thought. Of course, when it comes down to the betting aspect and the odds involved in the game, it's pretty obvious that the Thunders are going to win. Seven points is a great starting position for them, and it's really true based on their last winning that they're going to win. For all of you betting people out there, if you want to make some big money, bet today on the Thunders before the game officially starts.


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