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Bet on the NBAThe San Antonio Spurs have won four NBA titles and are trying to get back on top. The 50-16 Spurs, who tied with Chicago for the top record in the league, will be starting their run against the 36-30 Utah Jazz, a team that has never won a title even in that team's early days in New Orleans.

San Antonio had a 3-1 record over Utah in the regular season. Utah won the last game between these two teams. The Jazz won on April 9 in the second game of a home-and-home series. San Antonio has the second best scoring average in the NBA. They had 103.7 points per game. They were also fourth in the NBA in assists per game with 23.2.

While mainstays like Tony Parker and Tim Duncan have been powerful for the Spurs, Stephen Jackson and Boris Diaw have both been effective ever since they came to the Spurs midway through the season. Jackson, who was with Milwaukee earlier this year, has been playing in at least twenty minutes per game for most of his time with the Spurs and has close to nine points a game with the Spurs. Diaw was acquired from Charlotte and has about 6.4 points per game but has made nearly two-thirds of his shots in April.

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The Utah Jazz reached the playoffs after missing it last year with 99.7 points per game, the fourth best total in the NBA. The Jazz are also third in the NBA with 44.2 rebounds per game.

Al Jefferson barely missed out on a double-double for the regular season. Jefferson had 19.2 points and 9.6 rebounds per game. C.J. Miles and Derrick Favors are getting nearly twenty points total off the bench although one or the other have started in a few games recently.

San Antonio has a 9/2 line on its online betting chances of winning the NBA title. The Utah Jazz are listed with 150/1 in basketball odds, thus making them the biggest longshots of the playoffs to win it all.

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