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Bet on the NBAThe San Antonio Spurs are going into this game against the Charlotte Bobcats with pride and strength.

Both teams have truly succeeded in big ways, and you can be sure to witness an eye-popping game on the second of March this 2012. When you take a look at the basketball odds list for this upcoming game, the Spurs have received a 14 and a half point favorites against the Bobcats. They truly have grown over the years throughout their ups and down, so the Spurs know exactly how to get there at the top during the most difficult times. With more than -14, there are huge odds that the Spurs are going to win this game.

The Spurs are one great team who has a roster full of high caliber players. They may have lost their game against the Bulls recently, but they are surely the favorites to win this game based on most of their past results. Tony Parker takes this team to the top of its game, and they are definitely the favored team for this match on the 2nd. The Bobcats still have a chance, but this really does depend upon many other aspects.

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Based on their past performances recently, both teams need lots of training and teamwork. However, the Spurs can rely on Tim and Tony for giving them the chances at gaining more potential wins this year. You may have some difficulties as well on finding out who to bet on, and that's why you really need to consider looking at these odds. The Spurs are going to win, and these are based on their overall results in the past among other aspects. This game may not have Eva Longoria routing for her ex-husband Tony Parker anymore, but this is still going to be a great basketball game that's worth the watch.


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