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Bet on the NBA On Thursday night, two of the best NBA betting teams in the league will meet in Chicago, as the Bulls host the San Antonio Spurs. The Bulls are #3 in the Eastern Conference right now, with a record of 37-16, while the Spurs are on top of the Western Conference and have a record of 46-9. Both are phenomenal teams, and Chicago is 24-4 when playing at home.

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Currently, the Bulls are 2 point favorites in basketball betting odds, and this is mainly due to one person: superstar point guard Derrick Rose. But without a strong supporting cast, his talent would be wasted, and the Bulls have spent years putting back together a playoff and championship-level team. The 2010-2011 season is giving Chicago basketball fans a reason to rejoice, as the rest of the team supports Rose extremely well.

The Bulls also have their confidence back after a string of poor performances after the departure of the dream team of the early and late 1990s, which won 6 NBA championships. After experiencing some years of sub-par records and failing to make the playoffs, the team is looking more confident by the game, and believe that they can beat anyone.

But they will have a difficult time beating the Spurs, who have the best record in the league. The Spurs also beat the Bulls 103-94 earlier in the season after Chicago threw away a 17 point lead in the second quarter. San Antonio battled back and ended up winning that game by 9 points.

The main reasons that the Spurs are actually underdogs coming into Thursday night is that they are finishing up a long stretch on the road, Chicago is healthier and playing better than ever, and the Bulls have a sterling record at home. You can bet that the United Center in Chicago will be packed this Thursday night, trying to make enough noise to rattle the Spurs and help Chicago achieve a win.


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