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Bet on the NBAThe New Jersey Nets have had quite a good season so far. They have some strong players which are great at doing both steals and shooting, so they have some great players that they can rely on.

They may not have won some of their last games, but when they lost, they didn't really lose by so many points. With Deron Williams, they are surely going to take home some big wins.

The Dallas Mavericks is the Nets' opponents this February 28th, and with star players Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki, you can be sure that you'll be able to witness a great game. They may have lost their last game against the LA Lakers by only 5 points, but they are definitely the team to beat this 28th. They have much bigger chances at winning this next game simply because Dirk is a great all around player. So, there's no doubt that they'll be more confident going into this new game. If you plan on betting, you should really bet on the Mavericks. They have a 60% bigger chance at taking this next game home.

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Dirk Nowitzki has grown over the past few years, not only in height, but also by basketball shots. He now averages 20 points in every game that he plays, and he consistently makes amends for his teammates' lost shots by successfully rebounding them. He's a great power player that can help the team in all parts of the game. The Nets are a great team as well, but they really need to be pushed out in order to succeed. However, with this game, you'll find the Mavericks to have a much better chance at winning. So, if you're going to make a bet, don't be afraid to place that bet on the Mavericks. Their chances are so high compared to the Nets.

The NBA Odds list the Mavs as the -10.5 favorites. The over-under is 187 ½, so check out the sportsbook and get your bets in before the game starts.


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