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NBA Playoffs

2009 NBA Playoffs Betting

NBA Playoffs begin this year on April 18th with four very exciting games. NBA odds are set as the Bulls face the Celtics in Boston, the Cavaliers receive the Pistons in Cleveland, the Spurs receive a visit from Mavericks, and the Rockets travel to Portland to face the Trail Blazers. And that’s only the first day. The next few weeks should be packed with fresh NBA odds, and lots of excitement and chances to bet on NBA playoffs.

NBA Playoffs offer gamblers plenty of chances to bet on their favorite teams. Though there are significantly less games than the regular season, each game is chock full of excitement and hardcore basketball, every team playing in the NBA Playoffs as if losing were not an option; and it isn’t. Losing sends the team home and excludes them from any more NBA odds.

This year, the NBA Playoffs will be more exciting than ever, and NBA odds will be rich and plentiful. Sign up now at Bet Royal Sportsbook and take advantage of the NBA Playoffs action.

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