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Bet on the NBAWhat is with the NBA Class of 2003? For years, the All-Star Game has featured players who were originally drafted in 2003, far beyond what any sort of statistical calculations would have predicted. In fact, three out of the top five picks from the 2003 draft will be starting in tonight's All-Star Game. Another of the top five will be on the bench, but still in the game.

LeBron James was the first pick in the '03 draft and – despite his role as a villain over the summer when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat – lead the votes in forwards in the Eastern Conference.

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And Miami is not short on 2003 talent, either. LeBron's teammate Dwayne Wade was the fifth pick in 2003, and will be a starter for the Eastern Conference. Wade got the highest number of votes of any guard in the East.

The fourth pick in 2003 was Chris Bosh, who also plays for the Miami Heat. Bosh will be coming off the bench for the Eastern Conference after having earned his spot on the All-Star team reserve through the coaches' vote.

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Number 3 pick from 2003 was Carmelo Anthony, who plays for the Denver Nuggets. He may be making a move to the Eastern Conference with talks of a trade to the New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets. But for tonight, he will be starting for the Western Conference All-Stars.

So who is the only Class of 2003 Top Five Picks in the Draft who has never made it to the All-Star Game? Darko Milicic is his name, he plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and will most likely never make it to an All-Star Game.

Other players who were drafted in 2003 and have played in the All-Star Game include Josh Howard (Number 29), Chris Kaman (Number 6), David West (Number 18), and Mo Williams (Number 47). The 2003 NBA Draft was a special year with a large number of talented popular players, who will be playing in future All-Star games for years to come.


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