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Bet on the NBAThe annual National Basketball Association draft lottery was held last night in New York City preceding the Heats win over the Celtics later in the evening in South Beach. It will be awhile before Miami has any ping pong balls in the hopper unless LeBron James holds another decision show on ESPN announcing his retirement. We can only hope.

Anyway, back to reality, although theres a little bit of fantasy league involved with slating the selection order for the June 28 draft. This years grand prize will be former Kentucky power forward Anthony Davis. Some have had the audacity to compare him with the aforementioned King James, although that seems to be quite the stretch this early on in the proceedings. It could also mark the selecting of two college teammates as the number one and two picks as many say Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, also from the Bluegrass State could go right behind Davis.

You would think the team with the worst record and the most ping pong balls would emerge with that first choice. However, that had only happened three times in the eighteen year history of the lottery. You can now make that three of nineteen as the worst team, not only in 2011-2012, but in the history of the NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats came in second.

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The winner was none other than the New Orleans Hornets. Hmm, wait a minute, is that the same Hornets team that was run by the NBA brass this season while awaiting an ownership change? And is that the same Hornets team that was denied trading Chris Paul to the Lakers by that same brass earlier this year? Yep, that would be them. I only have one question, how many gunmen participated in President John Kennedy's assassination in 1963. Oh, never mind.

Its a shame though, because now we will not get the chance to see Bobcats owner, Michael Jordan pick someone other than Davis. Besides the New Orleans Hornets with the top pick and Charlotte at number two, the top ten rounded out in this order: Washington, Cleveland, Sacramento, Portland, Golden State, Toronto, Detroit and New Orleans repeats with their second selection in the top ten.

Who said conspiracy?


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