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Bet on the NBAThe NBA playoffs has really been heating up with all the best NBA teams fighting for this year's champ. Also, all teams have been great and the competition was really thrilling because all teams where equal when it comes to their performance and no team has won easily.

Just like the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers in which both teams were really struggling to win. Even if Dwayne Wade and Lebron James have fused their skills in one team, the Indiana Pacers still managed to take the challenge with exchanging baskets. They have the motivation to keep on fighting even if their facing one of the best team of this season.

One their first encounter on game 1, both team have definitely anticipated strengths and weakness of each other's competitor. But unfortunately for the pacers, the Heat have won because of the team of the big 3 who are Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. On game 2, the Indiana managed to hold the Miami and beat them with only 3 points. The stars of Miami really did everything but the Indiana did great efforts to win. Now the series is 1-1 and this has pressured both teams.

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On game 3, which was held at Indiana and gave them homecourt advantage, the Heat seems to be not on their full shape and their performance was quite low. In this game, the Pacers definitely crushed the Heat with a big 19 points lead. The Pacers now has more control of the series and the Heat has more pressure in their team. On game 4, the Miami has put a stop sign on the winning streak of Pacers and defeated them. On Game 5, the Heat was finally in full shape because they managed to win the game and made a winning streak. They somehow have won with ease because of the large 32 winning lead.

Now, the control has definitely passed to the Heat. The Game 6 started with so much pressure being put to the Pacers because of the thought if they lose one more game, they'll fail the playoffs. Unluckily, the Pacers did lose and the Heat was in their momentum of winning with a 12 points winning lead. The Heat are now waiting for their next competitor.


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