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Bet on the NBAIn last night's NBA games, neither of the underdogs could pull out a victory and the favorites went on to take a two games to none lead in their respective playoff series.

The Heat had the more impressive win over the 76ers, while the Bulls had another tough game against the Pacers. Both series now move to Philadelphia and Indianapolis for Game 3, which will be must-win games for the underdogs.

Few people really expected the Philadelphia 76ers to upset the Miami Heat, but after Game 1, 76ers fans might have begun to look forward to a close series. After last night's 94-73 blowout, however, those hopes may have been drowned out by the doubts about the Philadelphia team. The 76ers really have no choice in Game 3 except to win.

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This next game will be more than just turning the series around in the right direction. The Heat made a statement on Monday night that they are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference. The only way to counter that is for the 76ers to win a game and get their fanbase back into the series. Otherwise, give this one to Miami in four or five easy games.

The Indiana Pacers, on the other hand, should be feeling a bit of confidence, despite being down zero games to the Chicago Bulls' two. In each of these first two games, Chicago came out looking flat and turning the ball over. Derrick Rose has nine turnovers in this series so far, giving the Pacers some extra looks at the basket. And if a few buckets had gone the other way over each game, Indiana could up tied or up on the series.

The Bulls offense relies on Rose scoring a bunch of points each night, but that also means he has more opportunities to turn the ball over. The key for the Pacers will be to force a few more turnovers and then capitalize on their extra chances. Chicago will have to look for offensive help from its other starters, as Rose will get his points no matter what in every game.

It seems as if the Miami Heat are playing the best basketball of the playoffs so far, easily dominating the 76ers. The Bulls still seem to be getting used to playing in the league's brightest spotlight, being the top seed in the NBA and having expectations sky-high for the team. Chicago can go deep into the playoffs, but they way they are playing now is not going to cut it against a team like the Heat.


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