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Bet on the NBAThe question remains: Will the Knicks have enough firepower to pull out a win in game three?

Carmelo Anthony is coming off what many are calling the best game of his career. He literally kept the Knicks hanging around with the aging Celtics in game 2, but will the other two important parts of the Knicks team even be able to play, let alone play at the level they are capable of? If Carmelo can keep up his torrid pace, which many critics believe he can't, then the Celtics will have no problem in game three, and a 3 – 0 lead pretty much means the end of the road for the Knicks.

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However, if Stoudamire's back spasms do not prove to be a major hindrance to his play, and Carmelo can perform at a high level, then the opportunity for the Knicks to battle back from their 2 – 0 deficit is a definite possibility. Stoudamire is a definite go for tonight's game three matchup, and he will be needed to help the Knicks deal with Kevin Garnett, the future Hall of Famer hit a last second jump hook to win game two on a beautifully drawn up play by end-of-game mastermind Doc Rivers. The third part of the Knicks equation, Chauncey Billups, is struggling with a knee injury and may not be as available as Stoudamire, but will have his presence felt, if not physically then emotionally.

One thing is for certain, tonight will be a different game with all three parts present and the setting shifting to Madison Square Garden. The possibility that this series will get much more interesting is almost a certainty. New York will be confidedent after taking the Celts to the wire in Boston and without their stars. With one of the stars returning for sure, things are definitely looking up for the Knicks.


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