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Bet on the NBAKevin Garnett has always been a bit of a loose cannon. Who can forget the surreal moment when the popular forward got down on all fours in the middle of a game to bark at an opponent? But in his game against the Phoenix Suns on Friday, he took another step towards losing his mind completely. Actions such as the one he took in the game make him a liability for the Boston Celtics.

Garnett was ejected after being given two technical fouls in the Boston Celtics loss to the Phoenix Suns. The most concerning was when the Boston forward punched Channing Frye in the groin as the latter went up for a 3-point shot. After falling to the ground, Frye got right back up and got into Garnett's face, which led to a big dust-up on the court as players from each team attempted to keep the two from fighting.

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Up to that point in the game, Kevin Garnett had been playing respectably. He had racked up 18 points and 9 rebounds before going after Frye's family jewels. There was some speculation that Garnett should be suspended for the foul – after all, what could be a more flagrant foul than punching a player from the opposing team in the groin?

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However, a suspension will not be forthcoming from the NBA. Garnett may be fined for undercutting Frye and punching him, but the Boston forward will play in the game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

Garnett's actions during any given game can be wild and unpredictable. It is one aspect of his character that makes him such a great player and so entertaining to watch. Unsportsmanlike actions like punching a player in the family jewels, however, also make him a liability for any team he plays on, which can drastically affect the team's morale and odds of winning any particular game.


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