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Bet on the NBA The Utah Jazz. A great basketball team. But one which has extreme problems finding success in the postseason.

And now the team is experiencing a slump right when they are about to take on the Los Angeles Lakers. Can the Utah Jazz really play solid basketball against the Lakers after experiencing a four-game losing streak?

The goal for the Jazz will be to break their losing streak, but they will have to do it against the Lakers, the team that has been responsible for Utah's postseason elimination for the past three basketball seasons. It seems almost an impossible task and a pretty safe bet at the online sportsbook for the Jazz to come up short against LA.

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But the Lakers are also losing some of their former glory. They have not been playing up to championship levels this year and have been experiencing their own slump in recent games. The players and coaches are also getting older every year, from head coach Phil Jackson to star player Kobe Bryant. The Lakers are fielding a team of relatively old players now, hoping to compete in a league that keeps bringing in talented new players every year.

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The Utah Jazz are both healthier and younger than LA at this time of the year, making it more likely the Utah team will be able to end its losing streak. Center Mehmen Okur is the most noticeable exception, as he had been out for the previous two months after tearing an Achilles tendon.. If he can get back into professional basketball shape and start playing more minutes, the Jazz may be even more formidable.

On the other hand, the Lakers lost one of their better defensive players when Matt Barnes injured his knee on January 7, requiring surgery for his right knee. The small forward known for his rebounding skill is not expected to play again until March, creating a big hole in the Lakers defense. This has contributed to the slowing down of the success of the Lakers franchise, which has taken a noticeable tumble in recent years.

But is everything working against the Lakers and everything working in favor of the Jazz enough to put the Jazz over the top? Pessimism seems to be the norm among Jazz fans whenever the team hits a speed bump, so silencing the Jazz may still be a relatively easy feat for the Los Angeles basketball program.


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