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Bet on the NBAIf the Bulls learned one thing last night, it is that they can not shoot 34% from the field and expect to win games in the conference finals.

The Heat led by as many as 11 points during the game, and it was surprising that they did not lead by more, considering Chicago's terrible shooting. The Bulls also got beat on the boards, which is the one statistic they had beaten the Heat on reliably on in the previous four games of the regular season and Game One of the playoffs.

The Chicago Bulls were simply off all night, making poor shot decisions at times and missing easy baskets and layups all night. They shot a terrible 28-of-82 from the field, made 3-of-20 three pointers, and even their free throws were off, making only 16-of-26. Although they had 17 offensive rebounds to the Heat's 10, Miami had 45 total compared to Chicago's 41. With the Bulls missing 65% of their shots, there were just too many opportunities for the Heat to grab rebounds.

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Poor officiating was on frequent display last night, as well, as the Bulls were hit with a number of questionable fouls early in the second quarter to put them over the limit with 8:45 left in the first half. From then on, every time the Heat were fouled, they went to the free throw line. This obviously took the Bulls out of their rhythm this early in the game, and even the Heat seemed a little flustered with how many calls were being made.

But the Miami Heat were just the better team in Game Two. They shot 47% from the field, attacked the basket, and made their easy shots. They still have a few worries on the rebounding end, but if the Bulls are going to put up so many bad shots, there will be plenty of defensive rebounds. The Bulls and Heat were pretty close in every category of the game (steals, assists, blocks, fast break points), except for their shot percentages, where Miami was so much more dominant.

If the Bulls keep shooting terribly from all over the court, they will be in big trouble in this series, regardless of who Miami has on the floor. The 17 offensive rebounds kept Chicago in the game at times, but even a slightly less terrible shooting night may have given them the win. But as it went down, the Heat pulled away with an 85-75 victory to even the series at one game apiece, with the next two to be played in Miami.

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