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Bet on the NBAThe Indiana Pacers have quite the basketball roster. With Danny Granger taking home an average of 18 points during every game, it's pretty obvious that Danny has such great focus whenever he plays.

Their last five games were all WINS, and what's so nice is that they beat everybody by more than 20 points consistently.

The Bulls on the other hand have had quite the successful season as well, and while they also took home 5 WINS in their last five games as well, they have been pretty successful. Derrick Rose is obviously one of the main star players with more than 23 points on average in almost every game. The only difference between the two teams is that the Bulls won their last five games but didn't win by more than around 10 points or so.

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When it comes down to the basketball betting odds of this game, the favorites are definitely the Indiana Pacers have. The reason being that they actually beat out their last opponents very well. They won their last five games literally trashing their opponents, so they ended up on top and definitely with more confidence going into this game. Betters everywhere are finding the Pacers their favorites into this game because of the huge potential involved. Their last games proved their worthiness of being on top tremendously, and they will surely step up their games against the Bulls in this game on March 5th.

The Bulls may have had success in their previous games as well, but you'll find that the Pacers have this one in their hands. The Pacers have definitely achieved more strength and training in this last game. he game may take place in Chicago, but the Pacers will surely find this in their hands. If you're planning on betting, you definitely need to bet on the Pacers.

The last time these two teams met in Chicago, the Pacers came out with the win, celebrating loudly in the United Center. The Bulls are out for revenge, and the sportsbook lists them as -7 point favorites to come out on top. The over-under is set at 188 for tonight's game.


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