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Bet on the NBAWe are only a few hours away from the game between Detroit Pistons and Philadelphia 76ers. The game will be played at The Palace of Auburn Hills and it will start at 7.30 PM ET.

This is definitely going to be an exciting and well anticipated game. The big question on everyone's mind is who will win the game. We definitely have to look at some statistics to determine that.

The Philadelphia 76ers are 1st in the Atlantic Division with 20-14 games while the Detroit Pistons are ranked 5th in the Central Division with 11-24 games. In the previous games between the two teams, the Philadelphia 76ers has won 7 of the 10 games. According to the season statistics, the 76ers is the toughest team in the league and it's hard to score against it. It allowed only 87 points per game.

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Also, the 76ers is the 3rd in 3 points allowed in its games, with 5 per game. The Detroit Pistons isn't in a very good shape. The team is ranked 2nd as the worst in the field of goal percentages in the league, with 47.4 points. The free throws allowed by the Pistons are rated at 77% per game. Even more, it is ranked 3rd in rebounds, allowing 39.7 points in the league. So, the betting odds are definitely against the Detroit Pistons and the winner should be Philadelphia 76ers. The Detroit Pistons had a 4-20 record and it's one of the worst records you could have as a team. After a bad start, the team regrouped and won 7 from the next 11 games getting to the All-Star Break.

After that, players' grade rose since the beginning of the month, having a slight chance of winning tomorrow's game. Of course, the basketball odds are against them since the 76ers has better rates and grades for its players. The Pistons had a nice comeback but the 11-24 is not something to brag about. Plus, the team will play 9 of its 10 games on the road.


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