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Bet on the NBAAre the Chicago Bulls a championship-level team? I don't mean next year, or in a couple of years. I mean this year. The Bulls team owner Jerry Reinsdorf apparently seems to think so, and has made comments to that effect to the Chicago Sun Times.

Reinsdorf told the Chicago newspaper, “We have an outstanding coach, and outstanding bunch of players, the team is deep, and if we stay healthy we have an awfully good chance of winning at least four championships.”

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The Bulls moved past the Miami Heat to take the second-place ranking in the NBA Eastern Conference, and with the Boston Celtics recent loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago is only 1 ½ games out of the No. 1 spot. The team has beaten some of the most elite teams in the league, including the Heat three times and the San Antonio Spurs.

And no one is denying the talent and ability of MVP candidate point guard Derrick Rose. He is undoubtedly the best point guard in the league right now, and possibly the best point guard in the world. Coach Tom Thibodeau has turned the team into a defensive powerhouse, as well as extremely flexible on offense.

But are they really about to embark on another championship era? Those questions will be heard particularly often this weekend, as the Bulls will celebrate the first of their six titles on Saturday. Former Bulls stars, including Michael Jordan, will be in attendance at the event.

While I believe most of the pieces are in place right now for a strong playoff run, the team may not have the experience and versatility needed to defeat a Spurs or Lakers team in the NBA Finals... yet. Give the Bulls another year or two, and they could be one of the consistently best teams in the league. They are already by far the best Chicago Bulls since the Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen era.

Maybe someone should give Dennis Rodman a call?


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