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NBA Basketball

NBA betting consists of any type of wagers or bets on the National Basketball Association. Bet Royal offers up to a 50% initial deposit bonus for NBA basketball betting.

NBA basketball betting is a very exciting activity to wager on. Gamblers far and wide can engage in NBA betting on a frequent basis, as there are so many games that take place during the season.

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Unlike the NFL, which allows each team a maximum of 19 games (if they reach the Super Bowl), NBA basketball betting has hundreds upon hundreds of games during the season. Basketball betting allows gamblers to follow a very fast paced sport that can change drastically at any time.

The level of excitement is very high in NBA betting, because from one minute to the next, a team that is ahead may fall behind by two baskets and may once again regain the lead. Points are scored every few seconds and so the online basketball betting totals may be posted up in the 200’s.

Handicapping NBA betting odds also requires some effort, as teams may be playing multiple road games back to back but a successful bet on basketball games can yield handsome rewards.

Unlike most other sports, basketball is played indoors which eliminates the weather factor and saves bettors little trouble when making their NBA betting picks.

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The second half of the NBA season has begun! Get your bets in on your favorite team now. Will Dirk Nowitzki get another ring? Or will the Heat keep up their amazingly high level of play? Maybe you think Derrick Rose and the Bulls finally have enough offensive power to make it to the finals? Or will Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook get along well enough to win a title? Check out the NBA odds to place your bet!

Bet NBA Basketball - Spurs vs Thunder

Written by Jerry Santiago   
Monday, 16 March 2009 08:00

NBA basketball bets have been profitable on both teams but the Thunder have been especially surprising as a NBA betting value.  After a slow start the San Antonio Spurs have clicked on NBA basketball bets and climbed to the top of the southwest division standings and 2nd overall in the western conference.


Bet NBA Basketball - Phoenix vs. Golden State

Written by Jerry Santiago   
Sunday, 15 March 2009 07:32

Basketball betting on Phoenix and Golden State has not been profitable and both teams have had their share of recent pro basketball betting problems.


Bet NBA Basketball - Houston vs. Charlotte

Written by Jerry Santiago   
Friday, 13 March 2009 07:35

NBA betting fans will have their choice of Houston or Charlotte, who have been two of the hottest teams that you could bet on basketball with recently.  The Houston Rockets have had a solid NBA betting season and their playoff position has never been in doubt.


Bet NBA Basketball - New York vs. Detroit

Written by Jerry Santiago   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 07:46

NBA betting odds have been in fluctuation on both teams, who have both gone through recent basketball betting swings of fortune.  Up and until February 22 the New York Knicks were clicking nicely against the NBA betting odds.


Bet NBA Basketball - Lakers vs. Trailblazers

Written by Jerry Santiago   
Monday, 09 March 2009 09:56

NBA basketball bets have been about break even on both teams, who have had their share of NBA betting ups and downs this season.  The Los Angeles Lakers are way out in front for the top spot in the western conference and the home court advantage for the playoffs that will come with it.

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