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Horse Racing Rules for Online Horse Wagering at our Sportsbook and Casino. Horse Betting wagers must be accepted by Bet Royal prior to 1 minute before the start of the race or there is no action. All scratches are considered a No Action on any bet, except if there is an entry.  

If a horse betting wager is part of an entry and one of the horses in the entry is scratched the wager is still valid as long as the other horse in the entry starts. A confirmation message will be given for you to check on all horse wagers after you approve the wager. Accounts will be updated, credited/debited as results are made official from the racetrack.

All horse races must take place on the scheduled date and site unless otherwise noted. Horse races postponed by more than twelve hours or rescheduled will constitute a "No Action," wager and money will be refunded. If the horse race does not close due to any reason and you are able to bet after the horses have left the gate, your bet will be voided. Bet Royal has the right to limit the maximum wagering amount prior to acceptance of any wager. Customers are not permitted to open multiple horse betting accounts in order to get around the limits. All bets will be void if multiple horse racing accounts are used.

In order for a horse bet to be valid, you must receive a bet number confirming Bet Royal has accepted the wager. This will be shown as a confirmation message that will appear on your screen. After acceptance, bets cannot be cancelled or changed in any way, either by the customer or by Bet Royal.

Keep in mind that every effort will be made to make sure all information available on the Bet Royal website is accurate and up to date. However, if an error is made in the prices or conditions, we will correct any mistakes and adjust accordingly. Remember that Las Vegas rules, regulations, payoffs and wager types will apply if they have not been previously covered.


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