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horse1Betting on horses and betting on horse racing is always a gamble (no pun intended) but getting a feel for the horses that are racing in this year’s Kentucky Derby which will be taking place this weekend can help you make a good decision about which horses to bet on this weekend.

One of the heavy favorites by the online gambling community is a little horse named Dialed In. According to online gambling websites, Dialed in is one of the most likely horses to win the Kentucky Derby this weekend, in fact, some of the best odds for those who want to gamble on horse racing point to Dialed In to take the big prize this weekend. If you’re going to gamble on the horse races this weekend, Dialed In is a considered a safe bet in this year’s competitive Kentucky Derby field. Dialed in has won both the Florida Derby and the Holy Bull already in his career and is highly favored by the online gambling community and online gambling websites to pull in an excellent showing at this year’s Kentucky Derby.

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The juvenile colt champion of 2010 named Uncle Mo is also expected by online gambling websites to do well this weekend at the Kentucky Derby. Online gamblers are saying that Uncle Mo will be a tough horse to beat at the horse races, citing his raw energy and excellent tactical racing over the previous horse races that he has already raced in. Odds are good for horse betting experts that Uncle Mo will deliver a fast performance and keep his neck in the race.

Another horse to watch at this year’s Kentucky Derby is Archarcharch, who is the current winner of the Arkansas Derby horse race. Archarcharch is favored by online gambling websites and horse racing experts because of his double threat- high speeds demonstrated in prior races, and the ability and pedigree to run for exceptionally long distances. Archarcharch is considered by horse racing aficionados to be a highly consistence horse, one that could easily emerge triumphant in this weekend’s Kentucky Derby, leaving the competing horses in the race struggling in his wake. Archarcharch is one of the big three to watch in this year’s Kentucky Derby.


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