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Horse Racing is a world wide popular type of gambling. Bet Royal offers up to a 50% bonus return for call center losses and 8% Horse Betting Rebate. Horse Racing is one of the few sporting events out there that enjoys almost universal interest from the global sporting base.

Horse betting is available world wide to billions of fans and Horse Racing Betting enjoys support on every continent. With the introduction of Online Horse Racing the popularity of the sport has increased even more rapidly in the past decade and Horse Racing enjoys a level of support that it has never enjoyed in the past.

Horse Racing is often thought of as American sport by many casual Horse Betting observers, but that’s not quite the whole truth. The origin of horse racing remains unknown but several cultures claim it and the simple truth is that Horse Racing bets have likely been around since the dawn of man and the domestication of horses. And while it may be true that much of the top Horse Racing in the world takes place on American soil, it’s hardly the only Horse Betting venue around.

In fact, Horse Racing, at least the form we recognize today was imported to the States by Europeans, and Europe enjoys a much longer Horse Racing tradition than the US does. And still, online horse betting remains very popular, especially in the European countries of France and the UK. In fact, the top turf racing horses are still generally regarded to be the European horses and they’ve proven time and time again that are the horse betting equivalent, if not superiors, to their American cousins.

But Europe is hardly the only horse racing alternative to American horse betting. In fact, the richest Horse Racing event in the world isn’t even in the US. While many Horse Racing fans might assume that the Breeders Cup bonanza is the largest purse in horse racing they would be mistaken. Instead the richest Horse Betting event is held over two days in Dubai. The royal family has created a horse racing event here that blows the doors off of anything that most horse betting fans have ever seen. All the top horses are flown in to participate in this Horse Racing event and as proof of the type of talent this event draws, last years winner was none other than reigning horse of the year: Curlin.

Asia has rich tradition of horse racing and aside from Dubai, the most well-known post for horse racing in Asia is Hong Kong. The Happy Valley track is an institution in Horse Racing and has consistently provided some of the top horses in the world.


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