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Horsebetting odds give you exciting thrills and offer you the chance to make money on every race. There are some basic options when you look to bet on horse racing but there are also other exotic wagering choices.  Here is a look at horsebetting odds choices.

Horsebetting odds begin with the basic win, place and show wagers. The easiest way to get involved in horse racing is to make a “WIN” bet.  This is when you bet on one horse to win a race in horsebetting odds.  The horse must win for you to collect on your bet. A “PLACE” wager in horse racing is when you wager on a horse to either finish first or second.  A “SHOW” wager in horsebetting odds is similar to a place bet in that you are taking a horse to finish within the first three places.  Another popular wager in horsebetting odds is “ACROSS THE BOARD.” That is when you take a horse in all three positions which means you would have bets on a horse to win, place, and show.

There are other wagers called “Exotic Wagers.” The “DAILY DOUBLE” in horsebetting odds has you picking the winning horse in back-to-back races and usually it is the first two or the last two races of the day. The “PICK 3” is when you select the winning horse in three straight races.  The “PICK 4” has you picking the winner in four straight races and the “PICK 6” in six straight races.

A “QUINELLA” is when you pick the two horses that finish first and second.   Either horse can be first or second in horsebetting odds but the two horses must finish 1-2 in horse racing. The “EXACTA” is when you pick the first two horses in exact 1-2 order in horsebetting odds. The “TRIFECTA” is when you pick in exact order the horses to win, place, and show in exact order. The “SUPERFECTA” is when you pick the top four horses in horse racing in exact 1-2-3-4 order. Since it is tough to pick the exact horses in an exotic wager you can “BOX” horses.  That is when you use multiple horses taking different combinations in horsebetting odds.  “KEYING” is when you take a single horse to win, place, or show using multiple horses in front or behind of your key horse. “WHEELING” is when you use a single horse in position with multiple horses finishing ahead or behind the main horse in horsebetting odds.


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