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horse1The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, so online gambling websites and horse racing enthusiasts are gearing up for the run for the roses.

With a proud tradition of horse racing and generally considered by racing enthusiasts to be the biggest race of the year, this year’s Kentucky Derby marks the 137th anniversary of the prestigious horse racing event. The Kentucky Derby has hosted some of the fastest horses in the world for many years, and been a gambling staple for online gambling websites, wagering circles, and sports game websites for many years. The big question on everyone's mind as they get ready for the big event is "who's going to win the Kentucky Derby?"

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Combing through the online gambling websites and comparing the different odds on the different horses that are racing the Kentucky Derby has helped us to create a list of the top horses to watch out for this weekend or place your bets on to win the Kentucky Derby. When you are betting on the Kentucky Derby, one of the best ways to make a confident bet is to research the horses that are racing, look at the odds, review how well the horses have done over the last few races and over specific different types of tracks, and look at how well the horse runs over long distances as well as short distance.

The Kentucky Derby comes from a long and proud tradition of horse racing, and people come from miles around to watch the Kentucky Derby and place their bets on their favorite horses. Determining which horse that you think will win the race is largely a numbers game mixed with a luck game, although many online gaming enthusiasts and horse betting activists believe in different types of betting systems. Systems for horse betting and Kentucky Derby betting can vary greatly, but they often refer to the statistics of each of the horses that are running the race, what types of tracks they run best on, lists of injuries that each horse has had, and many other factors. Online gambling websites will often have the odds for each horse running in the Kentucky Derby or any other race that lets you compare the different horses side by side.


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