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Horse betting odds give you a lot of different ways to bet horse racing. There are a variety of ways to handicap horse betting odds and some things work better than others. What is a good system for horse betting odds? Horse betting odds have a number of factors for you to consider. The problem with horse racing is that you can pick a lot of winners and still not make money if the prices are too low.  Picking longshots is a better way to win money versus horse betting odds but that is not easy to do.

Systems for winning money versus horse betting odds are numerous in nature. For example, you may have horse racing systems that focus on trainer-jockey combinations while others really focus on specific factors like pace or speed.  The problem is that none of them work all the time versus the horse betting odds. If people money every single time then everyone would win at horse racing and that is not the case. A system for horse racing may not be the way to make the most money but many people continue to look for a system that works.  The problem is that the track/house edge is so high that every system is likely to fail in the long run.  That doesn’t mean you can’t win sometimes. One way to go in horse betting odds is to take longshots. Picking longshots is not always easy but they pay well when they hit and that helps your bottom line.

Another way to go in horse betting odds is to pick the favorite. That is what many people do. The problem with taking the favorite is that you can’t pick favorites in horseebetting odds and make money in the long run. Usually in horse racing you have the public taking the favorite and ignoring the longshots. How many times do you think the public wins in the long term when they wager against the horse betting odds? The public doesn’t win in the long run versus horse racing odds. Those taking longshots have a better chance of making money.  If you see a favorite getting bet too much by the public then chances are the horse is being bet too much and doesn’t have much value.  You want horses that have value as you look to win money. That is why taking longshots is one way to go when you are handicapping the horses.


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