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Golf betting is far more than just odds on a player to win a tournament.  There are golf betting games on groups, matchups, and propositions as well.  Most fans knowledge of golf betting starts with the odds board for a tournament.  It will list the names of all major competitors as well as the “field” consisting of lesser known players in a tournament.

The odds for the golf betting games are for who will win the tournament.  From there golf betting has evolved and you can now bet on groups.  Group golf betting consists of a few isolated players put into a group by the odds makers in which you pick which player out of that group will have the best score.

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Another golf betting version of group wagering would be the “top three” in which golf betting fans can choose which players in golf betting games will finish in the top three spots of a tournament.  The odds are often lower on top three action since a sports book may have to pay off more than one golf betting win.

Matchups are a fun golf betting opportunity as it’s a head-to-head choice between two golfers.  An example would be a matchup between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.  Golf betting odds would be posted on the matchup and the winner would be based on which golfer had the better score.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter where the golfers finish in the final standings of the tournament in matchups, groups, or top three action, it all comes down to how they finish against each other.

Proposition golf betting, known as “props” would be for many different items such as individual holes, the front nine, back nine, and other fun opportunities.  “Futures” would be for such items as who will win the final standings at the end of the season, and other odds posted for such events as the British Open, Masters, and other major events.

Golf has evolved into a major part of the sports wagering scene and has never been more popular.

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