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Bet on GolfWhat is wrong with Tiger Woods? Ever since his family and personal drama played out on national media starting in November 2009, he has lost his ability to win majors easily and intimidate all other professional golfers. Since then, he has not been playing at anywhere near the level of professional golf that fans and sports bettors expect of the once-phenomenal player.

So is it his swing? Has he not been practicing enough to maintain his golf game at its highest level? Admittedly, Tiger himself has stated that his swing is out of whack and not what it used to be. But Tiger's problems go far beyond simply having trouble controlling his muscles, movements, and the clubs.

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No, the main problem for Tiger is psychological. And it's not even his psychological state that is the main change that has come to professional golf. Instead, his fellow players no longer feel intimidated by Tiger Woods, and they no longer fear playing against him. Instead of a seemingly unbeatable golfer, he has become just another player on the field, albeit a field full of elite professionals.

This is not to say that Tiger is no longer respected among players and fans alike – he is, and his role in elevating professional golf to a major spectator sport can not be denied. But he is no longer seen as a god among men on the golf course itself. After more than a year of less-than-stellar playing from Woods, he is seen as another competitor on the field and not the reigning modern king of the sport.

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One of Woods' most important advantages in the past was that he had the support of the media and fans every time he played, with adoring crowds following him around every golf course. Now, with his star shining less brightly, his confidence seems to have taken a hit, while the confidence of other players has risen noticeably.

So is this the end of the road for the dominance Tiger Woods once enjoyed in professional golf? Maybe, maybe not. Tiger has come back when he hit a speed bump in past seasons, although his current slump is longer than any he has experienced to date. Time will tell whether Tiger finds his swing and his confidence and once again becomes the golfer that is expected to win every tournament.


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