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Golf betting consists of any type of wagers or bets on professional Golf around the world. Bet Royal offers up to a 50% bonus for Golf betting.

Golf betting for so many years has been all about one man: Tiger Woods. But with Woods sidelined for some eight months fans have been betting on other players and discovering that there is more to golf betting than one man.

Golf betting is certainly much better off having Woods in it’s midst and there is no arguing that Woods is by far the top draw and attraction in the golf world. But his hiatus away from the game actually has helped improve golf in an indirect way.

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No one would wish for Woods to wrench his knee again, but there is also no doubting that the overall golf betting experience is improved and people are now making golf bets that they never made a year or two ago.

While it’s certainly a great thing to have Woods back on the golf betting tour, it also true that his absence has brought other golfers to the spot light and in general golf betting has been strengthened by this.

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What's Happening With Golf At the Olympics?

Written by Mike   

Bet on GolfThe sport of golf was included in some form in the 1900 and 1904 Summer Olympics but it has never been played in this event since. However, it will all change in 2016 as golf will return to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


PGA Tour Comes to Florida for Honda Classic

Written by Michael   

Bet on GolfThe PGA Tour visits Florida this weekend for the Honda Classic.


Can Tiger Woods Ever Dominate Pro Golf Again?

Written by Michael   

Bet on GolfWhat is wrong with Tiger Woods? Ever since his family and personal drama played out on national media starting in November 2009, he has lost his ability to win majors easily and intimidate all other professional golfers. Since then, he has not been playing at anywhere near the level of professional golf that fans and sports bettors expect of the once-phenomenal player.


Tiger Woods Farmers Insurance odds

Written by Michael   
Bet on Golf  The 2011 PGA Farmers Insurance Open is underway, and the world’s most famous golfer isn’t doing too shabby.

Tiger Woods and the 2011 Farmer's Insurance Open

Written by Michael   

Bet on GolfWith all of the abuse Tiger Woods has taken from the media over the past couple years, with one scandal after another being obsessed over by the news networks, it is a little surprising he would want to play golf in front of anyone ever again. But the Farmer's Insurance Open will see the return of Tiger Woods to golf, and as a heavy favorite to win.

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