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Jacks or Better

Baccarat is considered a high-roller's game, and is usually played behind closed doors or in roped-off sections of a casino. Reflecting its roots in the European noble classes, the dealers often wear tuxedos and the Players usually play for very high stakes.

Recently, a variation called 'Mini Baccarat' was developed to popularize the game in the United States and online. Mini-Baccarat is played on a standard Blackjack-sized table and offers lower stakes and more entertainment than regular Baccarat. It is this version that is offered here.

Basic Rules

The goal of Baccarat is to have a hand with a point total closest to 9. Aces count as 1; cards 2 to 9 count as their face value; tens and picture cards count as zero (see Table on the right). If the total value of the hand is equal or greater than 10, then subtract 10 and count the remainder as the value of the hand. For example, the hand 8,6 would have a Baccarat value of 4 (8+6=14, 14-10=4); the hand 3,7 would have a Baccarat value of 0 (3+7=10, 10-10=0).
Place your wager on the Banker's area and/or on the Player's area and/or on the Tie area. The Player and the Banker are then each dealt a two-card hand. In certain cases, a third card is dealt to the Player or the Banker or both (Third Card Rules).

The Player closest to 9, wins.

Card Value
Aces 1
Cards 2-9 Face Value
10s 0
Face Cards 0

If you bet on the Player and the Player wins, you are paid 2 for 1 winnings on your bet.
If you bet on the Banker and the Banker wins, you are paid 2 for 1 minus 5% bank commission. ( example : winning with a score of 10 you will get back yoru 10 plus the 10 of the win minus 5% ( equals 9.5 ) based on the following calculation 10 + 9.5 = 19.5).
If both the Player's hand and the Banker's hand have equal totals, the game result is a Tie. If you have placed a bet on the Tie field, your payoff is 8 for 1. (betting 10 the win is 10 + 80 = 90).

Third Card Rules

In some cases, after two cards are dealt to the the Player and Banker, the dealer will deal a Third Card to the Player and/or Banker. The following two tables shows you when this will happen:

If Player's Hand Value is: Then the Player:
0 a 5 is dealt a third card.
6 o 7 stands.
8 o 9 has a 'Natural Hand' - no further draw.

After the Player's third card is dealt, the Banker may be dealt a third card based on the following table:

Banker's Hand Value: Banker draws if Player's 3rd Card is: Banker does not draw if Player's 3rd Card is:
0 a 2 Any card. -
3 from 0 to 7 or 9 8
4 from 2 to 7 0, 1, 8, 9
5 from 4 to 7 from 0 to 3 or 8, 9
6 6 or 7 from 0 to 5 or 8, 9
7 stands stands
8 o 9 Natural Hand (stands) Natural Hand (stands)

: If either the Player or Banker has a total of 8 or 9, then they both stand. This rule overrides any other rule.


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