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Jacks or Better

Casino War, also known as Battle Royale, is a game based on the children's card game, War. The player and the dealer each receive one face-up card. The high card wins and when there is a tie, the player may surrender or go to war for the chance to win at 3:1 odds.

How to Play

Casino War uses one 52-card deck.
Cards are ranked as in poker, except that aces are always high.
Suits do not matter in Casino War.
Begin by placing a bet on the designated area on the table. Then, click on the ‘Bet’ button, the Player and Dealer will each be dealt one card face-up. If the Player's card is higher than the Dealer's card, the player wins even money (1:1). If the Dealer's card is higher the player loses the wager.

When the cards are of equal rank, the player has two choices:


Player surrenders and forfeits half the Ante bet.

Go to War

If the player chooses to go to war an additional wager is made equal to the original wager. The player is dealt another card face-up. The Dealer is dealt three 'scratch' cards facedown, and another card face up.

If the player's second card beats the Dealer, the player is paid even money (1:1) on the Raise only and the Ante wager is pushed.
If the Dealer's final card is higher than the player's the player loses both bets.

If the second cards are equal the player is paid 1:1 odds on the Raise bet and the Bet wager is pushed.

Tie Bet

An optional Tie bet is also available, which pays 10 to 1 if the first card of the player and the first card of the Dealer have the same value. Anything other than a tie results in a loss of the wager.


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