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Financial Rules for Bet Royal Online Sportsbook and Casino.

3.1 Credit Card Protocols

3.1.1 If you provide credit card information, you agree that we may charge your credit card for all payments initiated by you for any of your then-current account balances.

3.1.2 You agree not to engage in behaviour that could reasonably be construed as providing yourself a cash advance from your credit card, and agree not to assist users who engage in behaviour that could reasonably be construed as providing themselves a cash advance from their credit cards.

3.1.3 You agree that all payments initiated by you in which charges are made to your credit card are final. You agree that you will not charge back any amounts previously charged to your credit card by If you charge back a credit card charge for a payment initiated by you, you agree that may recover the amount of the charge-back by either reducing your account balance or re-charging your credit card for the amount of the charge-back.

3.1.4 All Credit Card deposits must mature 7 banking days before any payout request can be processed.

3.2 Verification of account balance

You agree to verify your account balances on each call or Internet session, prior to wagering. By verifying your account balance you agree that all previous transactions are correct and no claims exist.

3.3 Funds credited incorrectly to a betting account reserves the right to invalidate any wagers placed or credited due to an employee erroneously placing funds, fee credits, promotional credits, or any other credits into the wrong account. It is the customer's responsibility to notify of any accounting errors identified. Any wagering activity between the error and the notification of said error is invalid.

3.4 Referral bonuses

You agree not to use: unsolicited email, message board postings or other methods of mass messaging to gather referral bonuses. The use of spam to promote the service has strict negative consequences. We will immediately and permanently terminate the account of any user who has used unsolicited email to gain referrals. In addition, you may be subject to legal consequences under applicable law.

3.5 Dormant accounts

If you do not access your account for a period of one year, it will be suspended. After the date of suspension, you will have 90 days to recover your account balance, after which it will be subject to applicable regional laws regarding escheat of unclaimed property.

3.6 Outgoing payments shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that requests for debits and credits involving payments are processed in a timely manner. However, a number of factors, several of which are outside of our control, will contribute to when the funds are received. We make no representations or warranties regarding the amount of time needed to complete processing, nor shall we be liable for any actual or consequential damages arising from any claim of delay. shall not be responsible for payments made to unintended Recipients due to the input of incorrect information by customers, nor shall we be responsible for the verification of the identity of users. reserves the right to hold funds beyond the normal distribution periods for transactions it deems suspicious.

3.6.1 Payout requests via telephone

We accept payout requests 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Actual payment processing will depend on the method of withdrawal and the time of your request. See each method’s rules below. In all cases, requests received after 5:00 PM EST will begin processing no earlier than the next business day. Note: that until we have reached the point in our process where we remove the requested funds from your account, it is your responsibility not to use those funds. If your available balance drops below the amount of your payout request, you may risk cancellation of the request and we are not responsible for that circumstance.

3.6.2 Payout requests via e-mail

We begin processing of payout requests (method dependent) the same day we receive your mail as long as it has been received prior to 5:00PM EST. Any e-mails received after 5:00 PM EST will be processed the following business day.

Customer must provide:

• Account number
• Password
• Withdrawal amount
• Withdrawal method requested

No payout requests will be processed to third parties.

Proofs of identity and transactional validity. reserves the right to request additional forms of identification on any account and at any time.

For withdrawals when deposits have been made via one of the following deposit methods: credit card, electronic check, firepay, instadebit and checks:

Valid and clearly visible copy of a photo I.D. (Drivers License, Passport or other Government Issued Photo I.D.)

In addition, for Credit Cards, we require
Clear copy of the front and the back of each credit card used.

Credit Card authorization form, signed by customer, specifying each transaction for each deposit by Credit Card.

In addition, for Electronic Check, we require:
Electronic Check authorization form, signed by customer, specifying each transaction for each deposit by Electronic Check. reserves the right to request additional documentation on a case-by-case base at its sole discretion.

3.7 Methods of Withdrawal offers the following withdrawal methods:

3.7.1 Person-to-Person Money Transfer

Requests for a Person to Person Money Transfer must be made trough customer service department. Requests approved before 6pm EST will be ready the next day by noon.

Maximum amount for person-to-person money transfers per day is $5,000.00.

All fees involved will be deducted from the customer account.

3.7.2 Bank Wire

Bank wires may be processed for payouts between $4,000 and $7,500.

Bank Wires are processed within 24 – 48 hours of request, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

All requests for bank wires made via email must include:

• Bank Name
• Bank Address
• Bank Phone Number
• Name (exact) on the Account
• Bank Account Number
• Routing Number (US and Canada only)
• Swift Number (mandatory)
• International Bank Account Number (IBAN Number) (if available)
• Your address you have on file with your bank
• Your phone number you have on file with your bank

All bank wire payouts are processed the following business day after been approved.All bank wire payouts incur a fee of $50 and can be processed once week from Monday through Friday.Any costs you may incur at your end receive a bank wire are at your expense-no exceptions.

Note: Bank Wires may take 5-7 business days before they are credited to your account.

3.7.3 Electronic Funds Transfer

Funds can get deposited directly in to your Savings or Checking account; payments will processed the following business day and usually take around 3 to 5 business days to be completed.

There is no minimum and the maximum is $1,500.00 per transaction per day .

The automated system is available for the majority of USA banking institutions, but occasionally a small local bank can be excluded from the system.

There is a $15 fee for every transaction which will be deducted from the customer account. This method is only available for customers from USA.

3.8 Taxation does not report or disclose winnings or losses of individuals to any government agencies. It is the responsibility of each customer, if you reside in a jurisdiction where your winnings are taxable, to keep track of those wins and losses and report them to the proper agencies or authorities.

3.9 Fraud

Payment/deposit fraud will not be tolerated by which is a legal and licensed operator. All instances will be reported immediately. keeps complete pay-in and pay-out records and will not hesitate to forward information to the authorities when fraudulent credit card activities take place.


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