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Bonus Rules for Bet Royal Casino Online and Sportsbook

5.1 Bonus and Promotional Rules

Clients are eligible to receive bonuses and promotions from time to time. All bonuses and promotions are subject to rules that will be attached to the promotional emails or banners. Please ensure you read and understand our Bonus rules prior to making any deposit. From time to time larger bonuses than normal will be provided and these will carry higher and stricter requirements.

A typical rule relates to rollover. Rollover is the amount of action (amount wagered) an account holder must complete to earn a bonus. A Rollover must be completed before requesting a withdrawal or the account holder will forfeit all bonuses.

Three-time Rollover will be expressed as 3X. Three is then multiplied by the following items:

- The amount of the deposit
- The amount of any fee credit
- The amount of any cash bonuses
- 50% of the amount of any free play bonuses

For example:
Customer Deposits $1,500.00
Fees Attached $ 125.00
Bonus 10% = $150.00
Free Play 15% = $225.00 x 50% = $112.50
Sum of the above = $1,887.50
Rollover required (3X) = $5,662.50

If the customer requests a withdrawal of funds before the rollover requirements of a particular deposit are met, the player will forfeit: all bonuses, fee credits and all winnings from bonus money.

We reserve the right to charge all credit card processing and related transaction fees.

In respect of wagers placed post-bonus, the amounts staked will be treated as having been proportionately funded both by client deposit and bonus. For example:

Deposit $1,000.00
20% cash bonus $250.00
Bonus = 20% of total balance and winnings are therefore deemed to be 20% bonus-generated and will be deducted should a withdrawal be processed before the bonus conditions have all been met.

A customer is entitled to withdraw any other remaining funds providing all conditions relating to that deposit have been met.

5.2 Loyalty Program Rules Loyalty Program

5.2.1 You earn loyalty points with every wager and your points will be updated every time you bet.

5.2.2 For every unit (dollar) wagered you will receive one loyalty point up to the maximum of 500 points per wager. (example: wager of $10 = 10 points, wager of $1,000 = 500 points).

5.2.3 You may cash in your loyalty points for real money at any time by Calling our customer support specialist.

5.2.4 There is no time limit for loyalty points to be converted to cash. You may cash them any time you choose, subject to a minimum of 25,000 points per conversion.

5.2.5 If you do not use your betting account for a period of six months you will forfeit all accumulated points.

5.3 Bonus Abuse

We will not tolerate bonus abusers and reserve the right to determine who is an abuser and who is not. Persons identified as bonus abusers will have their bonuses revoked. The following are our abuse guidelines:

Reverse Activity will not be permitted. This is wagering both sides of an event for the purpose of falsely achieving a stated minimum of wagering activity in order to qualify for a bonus.

Money withdrawn from an account then re-deposited does not qualify for any bonus or promotion.

Sharp players betting steam action are treated as abusers.

Clients betting short-priced favourites in order to achieve bonus requirements are treated as abusers.

5.4 Referral bonus conditions

Your bonus is only valid for customers that are registering for the first time with

Your bonus is valid for one person per household.

In order to be eligible for a referral bonus you must be an active (placed a bet during the past 6 months) customer.

Your referral bonus is capped at $500 per new account.

5x rollover on Referral bonus applies.

Both Referrer and referee must meet their rollover requirements before requesting a payout.

Bonus abusers risk having their accounts closed and bonuses reversed.

Minimum referral bonus is $10.

Minimum deposit made by referee to qualify is $100.


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