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Bet on the MLBThe Toronto Blue Jays have not reached the playoffs since 1993 when they won their second straight World Series. With a86-65 record, that streak is about to finally come to an end.

Sportsbooks have put a great series of lines on the Blue Jays at this moment. The Jays are +375 favorites to win the World Series. Also, the Jays are +180 favorites to win the American League pennant, just barely edging out the Kansas City Royals with their +200 odds.

There are plenty of moves that the Jays have made this year that have helped them to go far this year. The team acquired David Price from Toronto and Troy Tulowitzki from Colorado as a means of going far this year. They even got Ben Revere from Philadelphia in another trade. The transactions that the team has made this year are rather extensive and tight but they are all being used with the purpose of trying to get the most out of the season and to bring long-suffering fans something big to check out.

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The points regarding the Blue Jays’ season so far are big points that show that the team may end up being a real threat to everyone:

  • The Blue Jays have scored more than 800 runs this year, thus making them the most offensively-proficient team in the big leagues this year.

  • The Jays are also in the lead with a .337 on-base percentage.

  • John Donaldson has had a career year for the Blue Jays as he holds a .297 batting average with 39 home runs. He also has 120 RBI this year.

  • Edwin Encarnacion is close to .280 in his average and has more than a hundred RBI.

  • David Price continues to be a strong player as he has a 1.95 ERA this year.

  • Marco Estrada has a 3.13 ERA and 20 strikeouts.

  • R.A. Dickey and Mark Buherle both have nearly twenty quality starts this year. This means that they have spent most of their games getting at least six innings of action and allowing three or fewer earned runs in their games.

The totals that the Toronto Blue Jays have been getting this year are clear signs of just how effective the team has been and that the team is really looking to give it their all. It has been a long time since playoff baseball has come to Canada and this year the Blue Jays are looking to make the wait worthwhile.


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