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Bet on the MLBThe biggest discussion surrounding the 2015 MLB All-Star Game comes from the controversy surrounding what may happen in the American League. The AL team has been filled with starters from the Kansas City Royals. Fans of the Royals have come out in droves to support their players but much of this includes players who may not be suitable for the game, particularly Omar Infante, a second baseman with a batting average below .230.

This could potentially impact the MLB betting line for the game. Traditionally, the game has a relatively close line. Still, the American League tends to have the better chance to win in the sportsbooks. The AL has normally gotten odds from -110 to -130 to win the game while the National League goes from -110 to +130 depending on where people can go. Much of this is due to the AL's dominance of the game. The AL has only lost twice since 1997.

However, the controversy surrounding the Royals' potential domination in the game will be significant and could put the National League at a good line to win. While the Royals have one of the better records in the game right now, the team's starters are not necessarily filled with nothing but studs.

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This came as a result of MLB voting policies that allow people to vote dozens of times on their single email accounts. However, a few million votes that may not be legitimate have been erased. Even with that in mind, the Royals players are still in the lead.

While Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas have batting averages near .300 this year, some players who will be possible starters are not as strong. In addition to Infante's poor average, Alex Rios has missed much of the season and is just barely over .210 in average but he could end up being a starter as well.

The potential for the Royals to dominate the AL roster while bearing with all the competitors in the NL could end up hurting the line for the game. The fact that having so many Royals could keep a few other deserving players off of the AL roster could end up creating a dramatic problem.


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