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Bet on the MLBGamblers might feel compelled to place their baseball bets on San Francisco. Rival evaluators who scouted the Giants’ offensive work during spring training all left thinking the same thing; pitchers from opposing teams will have to dig deep. Similar to the Kansas City Royals of the previous two years, the Giants are not known for striking out too often.

Up to the first nine days of the 2016 season, San Francisco has accrued only 40 strikeouts. By way of comparison, Khris Davis of the Oakland A’s and Mitch Moreland of the Rangers (who have more than two times as many strikeouts as the Giants) have each 14 individual strikeouts.


The Giants' ability to hit does not automatically make San Francisco a better team than, say, Toronto or Houston – who each has 82 strikeouts. They probably won’t win any baseball bets for leading the NL in runs scored, on account of playing AT&T Park – notorious for being a pitcher-friendly environment (for those who weigh in all factors in their baseball betting games). On the other hand, it means that opposing starters, relievers, catchers, managers, infielders and outfielders will be pressured into making plays, even if they have good at-bats and good swings.

Both Buster Posey and Brandon Belt are off to good starts this season – or rather are keeping up the good work from last season. On June 9, 2015, Posey caught Chris Heston's no-hitter against the New York Mets at Citi Field. This was the third no-hitter during which Posey played catcher – as well as the fourth overall (he started at first base in Tim Lincecum's second career no-hitter) – putting him one behind the record for no-hitters caught. Additionally, he hit two grand slams in less than a week, and was named winner of the 2015 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award, and winner of the 2015 National League Silver Slugger award at catcher.

As for Belt, he achieved a rare feat when he bagged three homeruns and three hits for three consecutive games against the Cincinnati Reds. He was only the second Giants player to pull that off in about 115 years. Belt recorded another unusual statistic by hitting a homerun on three consecutive days after not doing so in his first 30 days. Coincidentally, the last player to have done this was also Belt himself in 2012 when he hit homeruns in three consecutive games after not hitting any in his first 48 games of the season. For the season, Belt appeared in 137 games, batted .280/.356/.478, and set new career-highs with 18 home runs and 68 RBIs. So when it comes to baseball bets for individual statistics, Brandon Belt is certainly a good candidate to put your money on.


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