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Baseball betting consists of any type of wagers or bets on Major League Baseball. Bet Royal offers up to a 50% initial deposit bonus for baseball betting. Baseball betting is probably one of the most curse-filled sports out there. It also happens to be one of the oldest sports played in the US.

From the 1969 Curse on the Chicago Cubs, to the Curse of the Bambino on the Red Sox, certain teams are believed to be destined to fail repeatedly because of these curses. Baseball betting may feel the impact some of these “curses,” depending on what you believe.

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If you are a believer in the effect of the curses, be very careful. Engaging in baseball betting blindly following jujuism and the belief that a player being traded can affe10ct a team’s performance for decades isn’t quite a bettor’s best bet.

Baseball betting isn’t all about curses, however. Baseball is America’s favorite national pastime, curse or no curse. And though the ages of wagering on star players like Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, and Babe Ruth are over, a new age has been ushered in by arrival of the Internet: the age of online baseball betting.

MLB betting fans now have access to MLB odds and lines of all sorts. Online baseball betting has made it easier for fans to follow their favorite teams and players.

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San Francisco Baseball Bets on hitting hard, if not often

Written by Matt   

Bet on the MLBGamblers might feel compelled to place their baseball bets on San Francisco. Rival evaluators who scouted the Giants’ offensive work during spring training all left thinking the same thing; pitchers from opposing teams will have to dig deep. Similar to the Kansas City Royals of the previous two years, the Giants are not known for striking out too often.


Bet on MLB 2016 World Series winner

Written by Anthony   

Bet on the MLBIf you bet on MLB, would you bet on the team who has gone the longest since they last won a championship in Major League Baseball – or any other American sport for that matter? If not, you might want to think again.


Will the Blue Jays’ Gamble Pay Off?

Written by Mike   

Bet on the MLBThe Toronto Blue Jays have not reached the playoffs since 1993 when they won their second straight World Series. With a86-65 record, that streak is about to finally come to an end.


Who Will Take the NL East?

Written by Mike   

Bet on the MLBThe Washington Nationals and New York Mets have both been competing to win the NL East in recent time. The Nationals were originally seen as big favorites to win but the tides have turned substantially as the two sides have become very close.


What Will the MLB All-Star Game Odds Be?

Written by Mike   

Bet on the MLBThe biggest discussion surrounding the 2015 MLB All-Star Game comes from the controversy surrounding what may happen in the American League. The AL team has been filled with starters from the Kansas City Royals. Fans of the Royals have come out in droves to support their players but much of this includes players who may not be suitable for the game, particularly Omar Infante, a second baseman with a batting average below .230.

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