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Play now!It likely won’t be long before one of the states in the U.S. legalizes online poker. New Jersey, Florida, California and Iowa are states that are considering legalizing online poker. It appeared that New Jersey would be the first state to make playing online poker legal but instead it might be Iowa.


The state of Iowa has a new bill that would let people over the age of 21 play online poker. The players would have to set up their accounts at state-regulated casinos. The bill looks to be getting some good support in the Iowa legislature and it could pass.

New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has already approved a bill to legalize online gambling and it looked like the governor would sign the bill. That is now uncertain though as Governor Chris Christie is wavering on his support for the bill. He may end up vetoing the bill even though he originally said he would sign it. It appears that lobbyists on both sides of the issue are pressuring the governor and it now seems like a veto is possible. Christie has said he is going to wait until March 3rd to decide on the bill. He originally was going to make a decision last week but he postponed it to give himself more time to decide. The big opposition to the bill is Caesars Entertainment who has four properties in Atlantic City.

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The state of California is expected to have a bill similar to the one that New Jersey already approved that will legalize online gambling in the state. The problem for California has been to get Indian tribes on board with the bill as they control the gambling interests in the state. It seems that the state has made some progress with the tribes so a bill could make it through the legislature. The new governor in California is Jerry Brown and all signs point to him signing a poker-related bill.


The state of Florida is also looking at making online poker legal as they have a bill pending. Florida really doesn’t want to be the first state to legalize online poker but they would be willing to follow if another state does it first.


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