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Play now!Poker is a game of making decisions based on the best information you have at the time. A player who plays Texas Holdem must be a mental juggler to analyze all of the things that happen during a game. One of the things that must be analyzed is what each raise means.

The first part about analyzing a raise is looking at where it came from. Position can have a lot to do with the timing of a poker raise. Certain hands are likelier to get a raise from a player in an early position while other hands in Texas holdem poker are not. A raise by a player from out of position likely indicates a strong hand. A player out of position is more likely to raise with strong poker hands in order to force the players in later position to fold their hands. A raise by a player in late position is not nearly as impressive as that raise doesn’t necessarily indicate a player has a strong hand.

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Another factor in regards to raising in Texas Holdem is a player’s image. If you have a maniac who is always raising then his raise doesn’t mean as much as one from a player who rarely plays any hands. People raise for a variety of reasons and you can narrow down the reasons by looking at the image of each player at the table. You may have a maniac who always raises, a tight player who never raises or a mixture of the two.

There are going to be times when you face a raise and the person doing the raising has a powerful hand. It is these raises that you have to respect and to get away from. Far too often today there are players who won’t respect a raise and lose money to a power hand.

There are going to be times when a person bluffs with a big raise in an attempt to win the pot immediately. You will have to get a read on the players at the table to determine which players have the ability to make this type of play.

Part of being a successful player at Texas Holdem is learning to understand what raises mean. It is not an exact science but the more you recognize the reason for raises the more money you are likely to win.


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