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Play now!If you want to learn the game of poker then you shouldn’t do it by watching TV. There is no doubt that poker on TV is exciting but television doesn’t tell the whole story.

The hole cards have made it possible for everyone to play along with the players at the table and second guess their decisions and enjoy the drama, but TV makes poker look easier than it actually is.

Televised Poker
There always seems to be poker on TV on a daily basis. Whether it is ESPN, GSN, NBC or some other channel, poker is fun to watch. Everyone gets excited and players win big money. The problem with televised poker is that the networks pick and choose the hands they want you to see. You don’t get the whole story. You only get the exciting all-ins and the bad beats. Many hands are not exciting in poker.  Someone raises the pot and everyone folds.  That is not good for TV but it happens a lot in poker. Poker is great when edited for TV but it makes the game look easy and a no-lose proposition. If you want to win at poker you need to know more than what you see on TV. For example, look at the World Series of Poker. The buy-in is $10,000 and a lot of people enter. Of that huge group of players, only a small percentage actually makes any money at all. Most everyone loses their $10,000 and goes home with nothing. TV doesn’t tell you that story though.

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Learn the Game
If you want to learn poker, then do it by reading and by actually playing the game. Watch poker on TV for entertainment not to learn the game. Go get some poker books, read articles on the Internet and practice playing poker. Many online poker sites have poker that you can play for free and then you can try out the tables at small limits. That is where you need to learn the game. Don’t start playing at high limits and expect to win like the players you see on TV.

Take Your Time
Don’t be in a big rush to be a TV star. Take your time and learn the game of poker. Make sure you understand the game before you jump in with both feet. You can enjoy the televised poker but make sure you get your poker knowledge from somewhere else.


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