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Play now!If you want to win money playing poker you need to learn to become a poker scout.

What do we mean by becoming a poker scout? Why is it important and how can becoming a scout help you win money?

Scouting the Table
Before you play online poker you should be prepared to scout out your table before sitting down. You want to find out what types of players are at the table. You also need to find out if the table you are looking at is weak or strong. It isn’t enough that you were able to determine whether the table is loose or tight, but it is also important to judge the quality of players. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily win by being the best player, you also win based on the mistakes of the other players at the table. When you are scouting a table you should look to see who is making the fewest mistakes as that player is one you want to avoid. If you notice that very few players are making mistakes then you really don’t want to sit down at that table at all.

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Bad Players
If you find a couple of bad players making a lot of mistakes you don’t even have to be the best player at the table to win money. You just need to take advantage of the two bad players. Bad players at a table make it possible for other players to make money, even if they are not great players. It is those tables you want to be sitting at which is why scouting a table is very important. Also keep in mind that players who play a lot of hands are usually weak and you should be able to take advantage of them.

Pick and Choose
Far too often we forget that we don’t have to sit down at a table. There is always another poker game going on and we don’t have to sit down at the first table we see. Patience is a virtue and doing the work to find a good table to sit down at does pay off. Too many people don’t do the work and they end up losing money. Don’t be one of those players. Scout out the tables and find one that suits your style and one in which your skill level is better than your opponents.


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