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Play now!You probably know how to play Texas Holdem but what about Omaha? Playing Omaha is definitely different than playing Texas Holdem, but it can be fun and it can be profitable if you remember a few tips.

Omaha is different than Holdem because oftentimes you need the best hand to win. Texas Holdem will have some bluffs but Omaha goes to the showdown most of the time. With that in mind let’s look at some Omaha tips.

The Nuts
When you play Omaha you always need to be aware of what the best hand could possibly be. Learn to read the board and always understand that your hand may not be working toward the best hand. Second best hands lose all the time in Omaha. In Omaha, the flop is much more important than in Holdem because much more of the hand is known. You have a very good idea after the flop if your hand has any chance of being a winner. If you are not drawing to the nuts then you probably should fold.

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Pairs Don’t Play Well
In Holdem we love to have pairs but that is not the case in Omaha. In Holdem you can hit a set and usually be a winner. In Omaha your set is probably going to be a loser. Drawing hands are extremely common in Omaha so you really want to force people out of the hand if you can. The problem in Omaha is that far too often you can’t force people to fold and that is why pairs don’t play very well.

Omaha is a game of drawing so keep in mind that normal flops like two pair and sets are just not that good. There is no real need to raise in Omaha unless you have the nuts because you are very unlikely to drive anyone out on the turn or the river.

Omaha is much more a game of playing the percentages and the math than Holdem. Omaha is about having the cards and making good decisions. Omaha is like Holdem in some ways but in other ways it is different, especially when it comes to the math. Learn to read the board, learn the percentages and make good decisions based on the math.


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